[002] Yucca – our journey (to anywhere we want)



our journey (to anywhere we want)


Yucca is an indie rock band from in Tokyo, Japan that formed in 2003. They released their first album in 2005 titled “laboratory products” and then their 2nd album “the orange sun in my room” was released the next year in 2006. In 2007, Ayako Shinada, who used to be the drummer in the band, broke her lower-back and Yucca had to stop to playing for a while. Over the past 6 years the band has struggled to keep it together but with the addition of Kazuyuki Chujou as the new drummer and Ayako Shinada moving to auxiliary percussion and keyboards the band has finally put together a new album. It hasn’t been easy but Yucca has been able to preserver and finish a new album in their own unique style. This album was recorded and mixed by Yusaku Enomoto and the album art was done by Sachie Sabu who also did the album art for the previous two releases and works as illustrator of picture books. Not only has the band kept true to their short-pop style but they have also developed and widened their musical ideas to come up with something new for this album.

2003年結成。ショートショートポップバンドとして都内を中心に活動し、2005年「laboratory products」でデビュー。また翌年ににはセカンドアルバム「the orange sun in my room」をリリース。i am robot and proud, トクマルシューゴ、UHNELLYS、Ryo hamamoto など良質なアーティストと多く共演。2007年にドラムのしなだが背骨を骨折し、一時活動が中断される。また、本作までの6年間はメンバーの離脱、復活、新メンバー中條量行の加入があり、決して平坦ではなかったが、Yuccaという「船」に乗り、これからも音と共に旅を続けることを決意しレコーディングをスタート。録音・ミックスの全てをメンバーの榎本勇作が行い、ジャケットアートはファーストから変わらず絵本作家のさぶさちえが担当。今までと変わらぬ3分間のショートショートポップのほかにも、トーキングスタイル、フォークサウンドと幅を広げ進化したYuccaが詰まっている。



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